Levi's Vintage Clothing 1964 Slim Fits Womens Jeans - White

€80.00 €180.00

This product started out as the Slim Fits jeans, woven twill pants first introduced in 1960. The name changed ti Slim Fits in 1962, and by 1064 customers were calling the twill pants "White Levi's" because they weren't blue. This popular denim alternative with the slim leg was as popular as East Coast campuses as it was in West Coast beach towns. This pair of 1964 slim fits has been customized to create a low waisted skinny pant with turn ups and side slits for summer. The original shank has been replaced by a 4 holes button to extend wear. The bright white color has been kept clean and pristine even after extensive wear.

  • Levi's big E white Tab
  • Original Talon zip fly
  • Double stitched for extra strength
  • 340 grs 3x1 Twill, 100% Cotton